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Bodyguard/ PSO (personal Security Officer) is a Security Guard to ensure an individual’s security

The Bodyguard will stay near the protected individual at virtually all time to make sure their safety. Our female guards are well equipped and equipped to manage all sort of critical circumstances

You can choose a bodyguard and make certain your own personal safety in addition to security whilst attending a business meeting or when you’re participating in a festival or some other event. When it has to do with celebrity bodyguards, you should have bodyguard personnel that are trustworthy, and won’t let you down. Be it a VIP bodyguard or a celebrity bodyguard, you want to be sure in the event the bodyguard personnel are reliable and if they’ll be able to give you the protection that you want.


Key Services

You can hire our Bouncers for following
  • 1. Event Security

  • 2. Personal Security

  • 3. Crowd Management

  • 4. Night Clubs , Pubs

  • 5. Bars , Restaurants

  • 6.Corporate Events

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